G1 Holiday Apartments Legal Rights Owners and Occupant

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Spending nice and refreshing vacations and holidays is extremely important for all people. Relaxation and fun can significantly enhance your mood and boost you energy. Choosing the right destination for your next holidays is very important. The place of accommodation also plays an important role in making your vacation enjoyable. Pleasant views and great décor will definitely double the fun of your next holiday.

G1 Holidays will let you have unforgettable and luxurious holidays in Mooloolaba. Before you start booking your holiday with G1 Holiday, you should be aware of your rights as a guest. This knowledge will spare you a lot of time waste or unexpected disappointment.

If you are about booking your next vacation with G1 Holiday, you should know few basic characteristics of the company. First of all, you will enjoy the booking process, as it is really fast and simple. The company has its own online booking centre. The site also provides you with various available accommodation options. You can select the best offer for your needs and desires. The company is committed to offering the clients outstanding and luxurious units. You won’t get a unit that doesn’t match your expectations. The best thing about the apartments is that they come in various styles. Each style can match the needs and budget of all vacationers. You can choose between penthouses, beach houses or beach front units.

  • Basic legal rights of renters and occupants

Renters or occupants need to be aware of their legal rights. This awareness will help you make the most of your vacation without any legal worries or concerns. The best interest of clients is a top priority of the company. G1 Holiday works according to specific policy and obvious terms. All reservations apply to those terms and conditions. Here are few important things you should know, before making a reservation:

  • Deposit is important

Paying a deposit is essential for confirming your reservation. The deposit is not refundable at any case, even if you cancel your reservation.

  • No smoking policy

All units and properties of G1 Holiday have a no smoking policy.   

  • You can check your unit before your vacation

The company is always keen on accuracy. The site contains accurate photos about all units. Sometimes a client wants to check the unit himself. He can contact reservation staff in the time of booking to arrange your visit to the unit.

  • Responsibility of property items

All occupants are responsible for safekeeping of certain items in the property. These items are alarm clocks, keys and remotes. In case of losing any of these items, you will be responsible for replacing them.

  • Important legal rights of units owners  

Owners are not responsible for any personal perceptions of potential renters about units. Owners should also receive compensation from renters in case of any damages to their properties. Unit owners are not responsible for anything related to internet connection inside their properties.

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